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Welcome to our Black History Celebration for 2021. In light of the current state of covid-19 restrictions, we have created several unique events for this year:

Celebrating Family Portrait Project
We are “taking the museum to the street” with a family portrait project that can be viewed while staying outdoors and strolling around downtown Petaluma

Celebrating Family Scavenger Hunt
Have some fun with our Celebrating Family Scavenger Hunt.  Write down the name of the store or address displaying the picture with the items listed form for a chance to win a $20 Shop Petaluma gift card. You can use our online Scavenger Hunt Map and Scavenger Hunt Form, or you can pick up paper copies of the map and the form at the Petaluma Visitors Center. If you use a paper form, please return it to the mail slot at 199 Petaluma Blvd N (the old bank building) by 3/15/21. If you use the online version of the form yous submission will be entered when you complete the form.

Black History Month Virtual Program 2021 
“Celebrating Family” A live virtual celebration  that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home over ZOOM.

Black History Month Exhibit 
Learn about Black History at the Petaluma Arts Center. The exhibit will be videotaped and recorded so that It can be enjoyed on our website.